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What is your reason for wanting to get rid of your timeshare?

Many people who buy timeshares find themselves immediately regretting the purchase or use it for a period of time and then find that it no longer meets their needs. Others can no longer afford the rising maintenance fees. Many owners believe they are stuck with these unwanted timeshares, but the truth is you can get out. The experts at Worldwide Property Transfer specialize in assisting owners just like you.

I cannot afford the maintenance fees0%
I no longer use it0%
I am disappointed with the product0%
I am selling it for someone else (ex: parent)0%
I cannot afford the mortgage0%

Our Timeshare Cancellation Strategy

We offer a comprehensive cancellation process for owners who feel like they are trapped. Our solutions to get you out of your ownership are safe and efficient. With our help, you will be rid of your timeshare once and for all.

Our Solutions

Take a comprehensive look at all of your options to get out of your timeshare to see which is best for your unique ownership situation.

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We've worked with thousands of timeshare owners just like you to provide the perfect timeshare solution that is safe and effective.

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Let us help you be free from timeshare and maintenance fees forever!